Breakfast Catering Packages

Beyond Just Food…

All of our packages include lots of extras!! We create food signs ‘n packaging to match your color scheme, theme, ‘n style. When you book a package, we provide free rental of our racks, sternos, platters, stations, chalkboards, servingware, ‘n more. We create custom menu boards plus a private party guest link for your guests to see your menu ahead of time, if you so desire!! We have lots of room for customizations + more…give us a call ‘n we will be honored to help create a special event for any occasion!

You can begin by checking out some of these “starting point” party package menus below. We can customize any of them to fit your taste + your party / event needs:

The Kit ‘n Kaboodle Hot ‘n Cold Breakfast Buffet

Fruit platter
* Assorted Homemade Muffins ‘n Breads
* Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter or Bowl
* Homemade Jams ‘n Butters
* Oatmeal Kettle Bar or Yogurt Station
* Scrambled Eggs With or Without Cheese
* Crispy Bacon or Breakfast Veggies
* Cinnamon Swirl French Toast
* Crispy Hash Browns
* Choice of Coffee or Cocoa {Add $2pp}
* Choice of Fresh Fruit Infused Water or Orange Juice

The Kit ‘n Kaboodle Hot ‘n Cold Breakfast Buffet is $14.95pp

minimum 15 people.

Real Nice Continental Breakfast Buffet

Drink Stations
* Assorted Fresh Baked Goodies, Homemade Muffins, ‘n Scratch Biscuit
* Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter or Bowl
* Homemade Jams ‘n Butters
* Yummy Yogurt for Dippin’
* Choice of Fresh Fruit Infused Water or Orange Juice
* Choice of Coffee or Cocoa {Add $2pp}

Real Nice Continental Breakfast Buffet is $9.95pp

minimum 15 people.

An Absolutely Beautiful Brunch

*Fresh Baked Breads Rock ~ Pick 1*
Cinnamon Bread with Jam, Croissants with Jam ‘n Cinnamon Sugar Butter, Loaves of Fresh Baked Basil Biscuits ‘n Infused Butter

*Cheese is Good ~ Pick 1*
Assorted Cheese ‘n Grape Platter {Cheddar, Provolone, Monterey Jack} , Smoked or Fresh Mozzarella Platter with Black Olives ‘n Roasted Red Peppers, Goat Cheese with Sliced Apples, Pears, Cinnamon, ‘n Toasted Almonds, Fresh Brie Cheese with Homemade Cranberry Citrus Chutney Spread ‘n Crackers, or Baked Apples, Pears, Cinnamon, ‘n Brie

*Warm Brunch Food Warms the Heart ~ Pick 3* Blueberry Crumb Cake
Oatmeal Kettle with Choice of Fixins’, Mini Homemade Sage Sausage Patties, Crispy Bacon, Pork Roll {or Some Call it Taylor Ham ~ It’s a Jersey Thing!}, Scrambled Eggs ‘n Cheese Just Right, Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast, Scrambled Eggs ‘n Veggies

*Gotta Have Some Greens ~ Pick 1*
Fall in Love Salad, Winterberry Salad, 72 ‘n Sunny Salad, Summer Sunset Salad, Southwest Salad, Fresh Garden Veggie Salad, Sliced Assortment of Vegetables ‘n Homemade Garden Veggie Dip, Vegetable Quiche Bites ‘n Homemade Chipotle Sauce to Drizzle, Garden Fresh Cucumber ‘n Mint Bites with Homemade Cream Spread, Cherry Tomato ‘n Cucumber Salad

*Mini Food Can Fill You Up, Too! ~ Pick 2*
Cold Wontons ‘n Homemade Dipping Sauce, Tea Sandwiches with Assortment of Gourmet Tuna Salad, Gourmet Herbed Chicken Salad, Gourmet Egg Salad, Cream Cheese, Apple, Pear, ‘n Cinnamon Quesadillas , Mac ‘n Cheese Bites, or Goat Cheese, Lox, ‘n Crackers,

*Some More Yummy Goodness ~ Pick 1*
Sweet Treat Platter with Choice of Fresh Baked Fudgy Brownies ‘n Fresh Baked Chocolate Chippers, Homemade Ice Cream Bread ‘n Homemade Jam, or Homemade Cheesecake Bites

*Delicious Drinks ~ Pick 2*
Fresh Made Drink Station with Choice of Fresh Lemonade, Blackberry ‘n Peach Lemonade, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Sweet Tea ‘n Mint, or Fresh Fruit Infused Water

An Absolutely Beautiful Brunch Buffet is $34.95pp

{minimum 25 people. includes free rental of racks, sternos, platters, serving ware. includes decorative signs to match your theme!}