Daily Deliciousness for June 9th

Beach Deliciousness: We got a Crazy for Coconut Salad with real nice spicy shrimp, shredded coconut, pineapple, ‘n blueberries over spring mix – $10.95 with snack + a drink! We can also wrap that up for $9.95 with snack + drink, or switch out the protein to chicken or skirt steak – no problem!

Boardwalk Deliciousness: We got a Srirachi Shrimp Boat with kimchi and homemade pickles on fresh baked semolina rolls – $11.95 with snack + a drink!!

Snack Bar: For our Snack of the Day, we got some real nice tomato ‘n cucumber salad.

Bake Sale: Crazy Good Crumb Cake – woohoo!!

Drink Stand: For our Drink of the Day, it’s Peach Infused Iced Tea all day long!!